Audra Leslie, Owner

Audra is a networking and business leader with expertise in managing multiple sales and service programs while exceeding financial objectives and achieving high levels of customer satisfaction. Audra has over 20 years experience in the marketing and media research fields, working with Global, National and Provincial programs. Audra excels at understanding customer needs, relationship building and collaborating both internally and externally, as well as coaching and developing team members.

Audra has strong analytic knowledge regarding how information is used to help companies grow. Audra's specialties include: Client service & relationship management; implementing growth plans and Coaching and motivating teams for employers or individuals. Audra is passionate about bringing new ideas to life and making current ones work to their full potential.

Katie Carroll, Office Manager & Publishing Coordinator

Katie is extremely organized and flexible when it comes to providing excellent customer service and meeting tight deadlines. She graduated from Seneca College's Corporate Event and Media Production Program and has worked as a marketing and event coordinator for the past three years. At Graymatter, she applies the skills that she has acquired from school every day. Her creativity, organization, dedication and time management skills are just a few of the things Katie brings to the our team. When Katie is not at the Graymatter office, she enjoys being with friends and family and living a healthy and active lifestyle.

Kat O'Donnell, Art Director

Kat is an ambitious designer with a life-long love of art. Her interest in graphic design began when she was on her high school yearbook committee, and she went on to enroll in Durham College's graphic design program, where she received an advanced diploma. Her artistic talent and proficiency in design software help her create the best solutions for every client she works with. She has a strong work ethic and is constantly learning and growing her skill set. Her proven ability to take a project from conception to final has earned her the position of art director. When not in the office, Kat enjoys hiking, reading and creating art.

Cassie Marchi, Graphic Designer

Cassie is a passionate and enthusiastic designer whose love for art started at a very young age, and led her to college where she is currently obtaining her Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design. When Cassie isn’t designing at Graymatter Marketing Solutions, you can find her hanging out with her rescue dogs, playing video games, or taking photographs.

Karen Sheviak, Writer & Editor

Karen Sheviak is an editor and writer with more than 15 years of experience in the publishing and magazine industries. She loves the challenge of interviewing people for stories and learning new things each day. Good thing, too, because her biggest learning curve comes from homeschooling her 8-year-old daughter!

Kevin DeMara, Web & Mobile Developer

Kevin is an internet entrepreneur with a strong background in e-marketing, e-commerce, and web/mobile development. After earning a Bachelor of Commerce (eCommerce) at UOIT, he completed Durham College’s International Business Management graduate program winning the highest ranking graduate award. To synergize his business and technical experience, he went on to complete the Mobile Application Development graduate program at Canadore College with a perfect GPA. Currently, Kevin is involved with several tech start-up companies and leads an international team of developers. He believes in continuous life-long learning as well as working hard and smart. In his spare time, he enjoys playing guitar, hiking, gaming, and travelling.

Dawn Riddoch, Writer

Dawn is a wrangler of stories, writers and deadlines. She has exceptional organizational skills, which are critical to keeping things on target behind the scenes. Her insatiable appetite for good reads and writes makes her role in the saddle very exciting. When Dawn isn’t reading or writing, she enjoys travelling, making moccasins, and spending time with her family. Dawn feels lucky to live in Durham region where she can stroll along a beautiful waterfront, go hiking on a forest trail, purchase produce fresh from a local farm, or shop at a quaint small town mom-and-pop store.

Rob Caldwell Writer & Proof Reader

Rob is a writer and proofreader. In addition, he holds a Master’s degree in Library Science and has more than 20 years of experience working in libraries. He enjoys the continual learning that writing and librarianship provide, and, with his eye for detail, finds proofreading rewarding as well. When he’s not poking around used record stores, you may find him frequenting coffee shops and cafés on a continual quest for the perfect cup of coffee and the ultimate chocolate chip cookie, or spending time outdoors in nature with his family.

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